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Public Voices is a unique journal that focuses on historical, artistic, and reflective expression concerning public administrators and the public service. Unlike traditional social science journals, Public Voices publishes unorthodox, controversial perspectives on bureaucracy in particular and the public sector in general. The material is not limited to analytical articles but also includes original fiction, poetry, photographs, art, critiques of existing works, and insights based on experience, observation and research. Among the journal’s contributors are public servants, writers, artists, and academics in all fields. Public Voices is cosponsored by the Section on Historical, Artistic and Reflective Expression (SHARE) of ASPA and is published by the National Center for Public Performance (NCPP) at the Institute for Public Service at Suffolk University - Boston.




Marc Holzer, Ph.D.

Editor in Chief

Suffolk University - Institute for Public Service


Iryna Illiash, Ph.D.
Managing Editor

CCC Creative Center



  • Charles Abel, Stephen F. Austin State University 

  • George Connor, Missouri State University

  • Linda F. Dennard, Auburn University at Montgomery                     

  • David John Farmer, Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Terence M. Garrett, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley 

  • Charles Goodsell, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

  • William Hatcher, Augusta University

  • Candace Hetzner, Boston College

  • Fuminori Kawakubo, Chuo Gakuin University, Japan

  • Carol W. Lewis, University of Connecticut

  • Jeannine M. Love, Roosevelt University

  • Robert A. Maranto, University of Arkansas

  • Marcus D. Mauldin, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

  • Bruce D. McDonald III, North Carolina State University 

  • Brent R. Never, University of Missouri - Kansas City      

  • Susan Paddock, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Alex Pattakos, The Global Meaning Institute-Canada, Greece, United States

  • Valerie L. Patterson, Florida International University

  • Paul Pope, Montana State University Billings

  • Beryl Radin, Georgetown University

  • Wilbur Rich, Wellesley College

  • Mark Rutgers, Leiden University

  • Richard W. Ryan, San Diego State University

  • Dolph Santello, University of New Haven

  • Shawn Erik Schooley, St. Cloud State University

  • Christopher J. Schultz, Thomas Edison State University 

  • Arthur J. Sementelli, Florida Atlantic University 

  • Brett S. Sharp, University of Central Oklahoma 

  • Elizabeth Sharpe Overman, University of Central Oklahoma           

  • Lynette Shaw-Smith, Arizona State University

  • Derek Slagle, University of Arkansas at Little Rock 

  • Lois Warner, Rutgers University - Campus at Newark      

  • Staci M. Zavattaro, University of Central Florida      


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Public Voices is cosponsored by the Section on Historical, Artistic and Reflective Expression (SHARE) of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA). Click here to join ASPA or SHARE or to learn more. 

Public Voices is published at the Institute for Public Service at Suffolk University.



If you are interested in submitting your work to this journal, we recommend beginning by reviewing previous issues in our Archives. The Editorial Process and Submission Guidelines pages outline the steps of the manuscript submission process. Authors need to register with the journal prior to submitting a manuscript.



Complete archives of Public Voices are available online.

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ISSN: 1072-5660



Suffolk University – Institute for Public Service

120 Tremont Street

Boston, MA 02108




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