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Public Voices is a unique journal that focuses on historical, artistic and reflective expression concerning

public administrators and the public service. Unlike traditional social science journals, Public Voices

publishes unorthodox, controversial perspectives on bureaucracy in particular and the public sector in

general. We seek submissions from public servants, writers, artists, and academics in all fields. In addition

to analytical articles, submissions may include original fiction, poetry, photographs, art, critiques of

existing works, and insights based on experience, observation and research. Especially encouraged are

manuscripts that explore ethical dilemmas and public controversies, discuss value conflicts, or generate

new ideas for improving public service and public organizations. Personal essays that relate fictionalized

experiences in government agencies are equally welcome. We also welcome reviews of novels, literature,

popular fiction, a series of works by one author, scholarly books, films, art, etc.

All submissions will be evaluated on a blind, peer-reviewed basis.

Cosponsored by the Section on Historical, Artistic and Reflective Expression (SHARE) of ASPA and

published by the Institute for Public Service, Suffolk University, Public Voices is now accepting

submissions for volumes XVI and XVII.

Submit your manuscripts, as well as book, movie, and art exhibit reviews online.

Download a PDF version of this file by clicking on the icon to the right. 


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