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In seeking ideas for special issues of Public Voices, we encourage topics related to ancient

philosophers and texts, classic and modern literature, poetry, movies and the arts as well as topics

that explore ethical dilemmas and public controversies, discuss value conflicts, or generate new

ideas for improving public service and public organizations. Those interested in guest-editing a

symposium are welcome to suggest their own topics or choose one from the list:


-Public Administration and the Movies

-Public Service in Poems

-Public Service Motivation in the Age of Governance

-Depictions of Public Administrators through Times: From Biblical Texts to Modern Espionage Novels

-American Public Administration History

-The Evolution of Public Leadership

-Management Lessons from Great Authors of All Times

-What Musicals Can Teach Us about Public Service

-Opera/Ballet Lovers’ Guide to Public Service

-Public Servants through the Artists’ Eyes

-World Literature’s Lessons in Comparative Public Administration

-Response to Terror: Insights from the Arts

-Swept away or Standing: Portrayals of Government Responses to Emergencies, Catastrophes, and Natural Disasters in Novels, Movies, and TV Series

-Public Sector Values and Ethics Lessons in Blue Bloods and NCIS

-Changing Role of Government in the Digital Age

In addition, Public Voices seeks dedicated and knowledgeable editors to

“host” issues that would be thematically linked to the “galleries” of the

Virtual Museum of Public Service, such as Civic Architecture and Public

Works, Science in the Public Service, or Delivering Public Service as


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